1. Taking your marketing campaign from offline to online:

    Imagine that your company ships packages to customers very frequently, now those packages pass through a lot of hands and eyes, you would not want to lose the traction that your package transportation is providing you with. So you put up a huge QR code on your packaging, people will notice it, some will scan it and engage with the AR experience you provide. It will help you convert your lifeless packaging into an online brochure of the product.
  1. Improving the brand value while attracting more eyes:

    Many brands are currently not tapping the potential of AR in the packaging industry to work for their use case. They are losing a lot of potential buyers. Approximately 11 million US households scanned QR codes in 2020. In India, mobile penetration has increased and there will be many more QR code scans. 

    AR in packaging definitely garners more attention and engages customers to a greater degree. After the customers scan the QR code on the packaging, they associate with the brand on an emotional level having known the brand story. Thus, they will keep coming for more.  
  1. AR in packaging is easy to use and deploy:

    The marketing campaigns can deliver different experiences in the customer journey because you don’t have to repackage your whole product. Only change the campaign, the QR code and deploy it. So no extra packaging costs for new marketing campaigns. 
  2. How Augmented Reality Can Take Your Product Packaging to the Next Level

If your product’s packaging is too cluttered then no one is going to really pay attention to it, but if it is well arranged then people would be able to relate to it. You could also add a comparison study of how your product compares to other similar products in the market. Plus you can update your digital campaigns anytime and deploy them, it won’t cost extra money in terms of packaging. Minimalistic designs fetch more eyes than the regular over-information packaging.