Nowadays, Augmented Reality is enhancing rapidly and it seems it has reached almost every industry such as Entertainment; business; education; healthcare; gaming; security; space industry; military etc. Augmented Reality is the technology that over lay a virtual layer in our real world. 

According to various surveys done in recent years, nearly 3.2 billion users use smartphone with internet every day and this number will be increasing from year to year. This generation spends most of their time in front of their smartphones surfing for information or just for entertainment. Now AR has been implemented in various industries. Below you will find some example of the industries with the incorporation of AR along with the scope of AR in the coming years.

Gaming: Augmented reality is first used in Gaming industries. Pokémon is the first AR game that grabs almost all people’s attention. This game literally made people crazy.

Healthcare: Now surgeons use AR applications to operate complicated operations. AR app will give them a better visibility of the human body which makes them easily operate.

Car industry: Now even car companies are taking advantage of AR to repair their customer’s car. Mechanics can able to view the parts of the cars over laying. They can easily mantle or dismantle the spare parts. This will save time and money.

Airforce: In Air force, Pilots are given a virtual training to fly flights. This training will help them to face critical dangers which they will face in the future.

As Augmented reality is becoming more and more trendier, BSEtec launched 4 AR based applications for your entertainment and for your business requirement. Their products are Colorbook Ar plus; Furniture AR plus; Emote AR plus; and Watch Ar plus.