Facilities required to build a project based on Augmented Reality are much lesser than you actually think off. 

The facilities depend not only on what kind of project you build but also depends on what scale you are going to take it. For a normal project like building a simple  AR game or a game score mechanics don't need many facilities, the most important thing required is a good Computer at least must have the specs minimum of GTX 1050 but yet if you don't have you can still build one AR project but the quality and speed of performing projects will be reduced drastically. 

The second most important thing is the software and the best one out there in the market to build an AR project is nothing but the Unity Game Engine. Unity Game Engine is not the only thing required here to build an AR project you must have a plugin specially made by Unity for AR projects and that is ARCore ( for Mac PCs ) and ARKit ( for Windows PCs ).

The given picture is about the any where door an augmented reality project built with the help of ARKit with use of Unity Game Engine.  

If this is the first time you are going to build an AR project you can refer to or use my code to build your first project on AR. 

Till now it was about the normal project but talking about big scale projects like imaginary house constructor ( for house planning required for architects ) the requirements are same as above but the only thing required is the animator which will animate the house ( in this case but there can be any kind of project but the animator is normally used every time or else at least the developer must know how to animate the project how he wants).