Lenskart Virtual AR Experience: Buying Eyewear Online Just Got Easier

This cricket season, Lenskart, India’s fastest growing omni-channel eye-wear brand launched its much-loved Nazar Ghati Durghatna Ghati series. The much sought-after ad campaign is a funny three-film series that shows some goof-ups or “durghatnas” that happen during cricket matches due to poor vision or “nazar ghatna”. Furthermore, it smartly portrays Lenskart’s amazing new feature of Virtual Augmented Reality, where revolution in eyewear meets the future of visual shopping.

The world is evolving and so are we, here, at Lenskart. ‘YOU’,’ are our priority and hence we bring you one of the best cutting-edge technologies ever to make your online eyewear shopping experience as effortless as possible. Introducing Lenskart’s Virtual Augmented Reality experience – a one-of-a-kind tool that makes it seamless to buy sunglasses and eyeglasses online. Keeping the current pandemic in mind, we’ve designed a feature that lets you try and buy eyeglasses at the comfort of your home. This tool allows you to scan and analyze your face, detect your face shape and temple size, thereby suggesting frames that suit you the best.

Our virtual Augmented Reality tool is the future of online shopping and we’re so glad to bring it to you at a time when it’s most required. If you’re wondering how to use this virtual try on tool and whether it’s time-consuming, leave your worries aside. We are here for you!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making this experience worth your time!

Steps To Use Lenskart’s Virtual AR Tool

To start using this feature, all you need to do is download the Lenskart App on your device if you haven’t yet. The next steps are as easy as 1-2-3, literally!

Step 1

Click on the ‘Try our Virtual AR Experience’ banner

Clicking the banner will turn on your front camera and you will notice a face scanner. All you need to do is, follow the instructions, and ensure that your face is aligned within the frame. Once you’ve got that right, simply click on the circular button on the screen to capture the image. Make sure you aren’t wearing any glasses during the entire process.


Step 2

Face analysis

The second and the most crucial stage of this tool is face analysis. Once you’ve completed step number one, the tool scans the image you clicked, in order to identify your face shape and width. Based on the data received, it recommends frame shapes that will best suit your face shape and size.

Imagine doing this at a store, frame by frame! It’s the exact experience that has been virtually designed with this augmented reality tool. It’s so quick and accurate that we’re simply speechless!



Step 3

Try on frames

Once you click on continue, it will take you to a page that says ‘Swipe left or right to change glasses’. Click on it and you’ve officially signed up for one of the quickest ways of shopping for eyeglasses online. This is where the fun begins – look at all the cool eyeglasses and sunglasses that you can try. From rounders, wayfarers, rimless to semi-rimless, this tool lets you try everything that’s super flattering to you! The ones highlighted in green are the ones recommended for you by the tool, however, you’re free to try any other shape too.

The tool also offers a 360-degree view of the product, all you need to do is click on the product button and a 3D image of the product appears right in front of you. This feature allows you to view the product from every angle. You can also zoom in and out to see every minute detail of the eyewear for a better understanding.

When you click on a frame, it displays the price along with the various color options that you can try and pick from. It also has a ‘select’ option that takes you to the product page from where you can add the product directly to your cart. And if that isn’t enough to blow your mind away, here’s more, the app features a heart icon , simply tap on it to save any frame that you like and it will add them to your favorites.

Similarly, if you want to share the frame you just tried with your bestie, simply click on the share icon  . On doing so it gives you two options – you can either tap and click a picture or hold and wait to take a video of yourself.

Lenskart’s Virtual AR tool can be used to try on both eyeglasses and sunglasses. If you feel the frames recommended by the tool don’t fit your budget, you’re free to filter as per price. Similarly, you can filter your preferences and try any frame, irrespective of what the tool recommends for you. One tool, multiple options and so easy to use. Just three simple steps and voila! In the words of the great, Chandler Bing, “Could it be more awesome?!”

Ramneek Khurana, Co-founder of Lenskart said, “We are excited to receive overwhelming response for Nazar Ghati Durghatna Ghati 2.0 showcasing Lenskart’s new feature of Augmented Reality. One out of every four users coming to the Lenskart App today has started using the feature of Virtual Augmented Reality. The company has witnessed a 3X growth in its Augmented Reality usage in the last two weeks. With this new AR technology into play, Lenskart has upgraded its 3-D Try-On feature and the process of trying out glasses online has become super simple and easier to use.’’

Speaking on the campaign, Anupam Tripathi, Media Head at Lenskart, said, “The idea was in-bred last season with the Nazar Ghati, Durghatna Ghati campaign launched in IPL 2020. It was a first-off in the industry which turned out to be a trendsetter. Looking at the response we continued with the series, and launched the second version of the campaign with the start of T20 season this year. A strategic partnership with Star Sports on IPL gave us the expected exposure and we have seen impact not only in metros but also in Tier 2 markets in terms of both conversation and brand engagement”