Augmented Reality (AR) Opportunities in Healthcare


The application of augmented reality technology is opening up new opportunities in the healthcare industry. It’s expected that by the year 2020, the global market will reach a value of $1.5B. New AR innovations can help enhance doctors and surgeons ability to diagnose and perform surgery on their patients more accurately by giving them access to real-time data and patient information faster, and more precisely than ever before. 

AR can also bring huge value to practicing medicine and education by allowing students and trainee physicians to better visualize health issues and scenarios that they one day will be treating. 


For More video of Augmented reality: Click here..

Today, surgeons use several techniques to visualise the area on which they are to operate, but augmented reality, which can project three dimensional representations of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s field of view, is likely to improve accuracy and outcomes for patients.

The benefit that AR can bring to the healthcare industry can be groundbreaking and we are just witnessing the beginning of what is to come from AR in the field of medicine.

 For More video of Augmented reality: Click here..



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