Augmented reality provides a real-time interactive experience for its users. Mobiles help users experience this technology from any location anywhere.

As per Venture Beats, there is over 2000 AR app on the ios platform.

There are many examples of using augmented reality.

Some of them even you might have used.

1. Lenskart

Lenskart is the biggest vendor for eyewear range with a quality product. It gave a feature of augmented reality to help people look at how the eyewear will look on them. It helped the company rope in a lot of sales.

2. Makaan

It is a real estate application in India, helping people explore properties for renting purpose or buying. They added a fantastic feature of AR for users to explore the neighbouring properties with camera mode and tilting mobile phone one place to another.

3. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go needs no introduction as it is a wish come true for Pokemon series fan base. This app helped them experience the fun directly and motivated to walk long distances to fulfil tasks. AR played a vital role in experiencing the adventure.

Below is my buddy Archen!

4. Caratlane

Caratlane app helps consumers buy jewellery in vast variation from the comfort of their home. They have added the feature of virtual experience with the help of AR. The feature helps users try on earrings in real-time.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat has revolutionized the way to communicate with each other bu sharing snaps. The snaps disappear automatically after a while. It has an amazing range of lens for its users to try on. Especially, the AR lenses are a big hit among its users.

AR has been a breakthrough for many sectors like retail, construction, interiors, tourism, education, healthcare, navigation system, and whatnot.

As per the recent data by Statista presents that there will be about 2.4 billion mobile AR users worldwide by 2023. A significant rise of 2.2 billion from that of 200 million in 2015.