AR Restaurant Food menu is an interactive and informative mobile application. Nowadays people become more health conscious they wanted to know what they are eating and how it cooked. The application will help user to get the food items information like cooking video, ingredients, calories, pros and cons of particular food etc…


  • Scan menu items
  • Video Streaming of each item
  • Food information
  • Ingredients
  • Calories etc…
  • Place Order


The AR food menu is a key marketing tool for any type of restaurant, from high-end fine dining outfits to popular fast-food chains. Customers depend on menus to help them evaluate, compare and choose dishes. Space considerations prevent restaurants from adding too much information or too many pictures to their menus. As a result, restaurants rely heavily on reviews, word of mouth and in-house staff to supplement food menus, attract customers and sell dishes.


Augmented reality restaurant: The latest trend in restaurant marketing, AR restaurant menus, and food apps supplement existing menus with digital content designed to improve customer experience and drive sales.


irawen is one of the top augmented reality app development company has worked on AR restaurant menu apps which allow customers to point their smartphone devices at any menu item to view additional interactive content. 


Augmented reality restaurant menus provide easy access to essential information about dishes to improve the food selection process for customers, and help restaurants sell more items. An effective marketing tool for restaurant owners, AR food menus can also be designed with a range of other features to enhance customer experience.



  • Improving visibility: Augmented reality restaurant menus can be customized to show information about each dish, such as 360-degree visualizations, details of ingredients used, portion sizes, calorie and nutrition info etc.
  • Upsell: AR food menus can also help restaurants sell more items. Apps can be programmed to suggest ideal complements to selected dishes such as appetizer, beverage, dessert combos etc.
  • Promotions: Restaurants can use AR food menus to directly market specials, discounts, happy hours etc. to the customers.
  • Improve customer engagement: Unlike traditional food menus, AR food apps can be customized to display a wealth of content on demand. Restaurants can embed video content such as customer testimonials, chef interviews, and cooking videos to engage customers and build brand visibility.
  • Gauge customer satisfaction: AR food menus can serve as tools to collect data about customer preferences. Augmented reality food apps can have built-in features to provide data on popular dishes, time spent on viewing promotional features and collate answers from surveys to provide valuable information to business owners.