AR/VR is not only for gaming but many IT companies develop games and apps for businesses. Now Augmented reality is -a new opportunity for growing business and AR could surpass $75-80 billion in revenue by 2023 & VR could be $20-25 billion.

How Augmented Reality Technology Work?

Augmented reality is the newest technology with the input of visual data from devices such as cameras or smart glass. As a result, users can see the combination of real-life objects on the screen of mobile and TV.

How AR Works?

- Its combined image is transmitted to the device

- The process of registration, its depends on the type of AR apps.

Difference between Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality ( AR / VR )

The AR apps only allow 2D & 3D graphics elements into the real-world environment and VR technology making communication with the artificial world for user acting within the simulated environment.

How its work on a mobile device?

AR work with help of an algorithm and need sensors to determine of position and orientation of the camera. So, all this create it possible to any 3D graphics at any location and also see the content on screen.

With VR, it also requires more than work with math algorithms & sensors. Virtual reality is a simulated environment where users can see everything with their eyes.

Cost of Augmented Reality App Development :

There are 3 types of Augmented Reality Apps:

1. Market Based AR Application :

The AR application is not difficult to build an app but need to require trigger markers that are placed various location in the real world. Triggers such as QR-code, icon, etc.

The user also scans a trigger with the device's camera and AR application appropriate AR scene. There are various AR software development kits that allow the creation of AR apps.

2. Location-Based AR Application :

Work from GPS because sensors provide information about accurate user's location and placed an object in the real world.

Here a great example of " Pokemon GO "It's a famous game a couple of years ago.

3. AR based on visual odometry :

It's not location-based apps, They use complex algorithms and data received from multiple sensors. Also connected with camera images to used identified location and action. There are more difficult to making AR apps develop as augmented reality app development.

Here App Development Cost :

Development of Some Basic Features - $50000 - $80000

Development of More Complexe AppVersion: $120000

Development of Complex Augmented Reality App - $230000

The augmented reality app development cost is the approx price. It depends on the feature you want to including the app and choosing a platform and hire company.