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Some industries must take AR and VR seriously


AR stands for Augmented Reality. It is the capability to augment your real world with access to digital information.

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It the potential to immerse yourself in a vision based reality.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about where it can actually be useful:


AR and VR help designers get a more precise idea of how their product will look like in the near future. In fact, these two platforms take external factors like alteration of light into consideration to avoid late changes in the product.


Tests have shown that use of VR in hospital rooms have improved patient’s symptoms, and have helped them have a comfortable stay at the hospital. Virtual and Augmented Reality are opening limitless possibilitiesin the medical world. Researchers and companies are coming up with different solutions and ideas concerning this technology to improve experiences ranging from equipment maintenance to a patient’s hospital stay.


NASA is employing VR to make its astronauts experience the conditions they will have to face once they step out of earth’s boundaries. Earlier, the problem with spacewalking was that astronauts did not know what to expect when they left the environment of a space ship. So to reduce mishaps, NASA researches started finding a virtual way to experience spacewalking. Now, all the astronauts know what to expect after they step out of their habitable spaceship.


A virtual-reality data exploration system offers a user the ability to generate visualizations of large ‘live’ data sets, i.e., data sets that are transmitted from a running simulation and to interact with these visualizations to gain better insight into the data.


Even though the education industry has been relatively slow in adapting new technology, it has dipped its toe into the world of virtual reality. EdTech firm ‘Nearpod’ is currently in use in many public schools as it enables students to participate in virtual field trips all around the world. Another firm which has made to the list is ‘EON Reality’ that has taken up a different approach by providing tools to educators for developing their own applications. No wonder VR is becoming a vital of part of how we learn.


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