What is Augmented Reality?

 Augmented reality is a highly visual, interactive method of presenting relevant digital information in the context of the physical environment—connecting employees and improving business outcomes.

Industrial augmented reality offers a better way to create and deliver easily consumable work instructions by overlaying digital content onto real-world work environments.

Your camera detects a target image, and can figure out how close or far, and at what angle, the target image is form the camera using sensors.

What's the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

In short terms:

Virtual reality (VR) is fully artificial digital environment and full immersion in virtual environment.

Augmented reality (AR) virtual objects overlaid on the real-world environment and real world enhance with digital objects.

In brief terms:

Virtual Reality (VR)Virtual reality refers to a 3D computer generated digital environment which can be explored by users with electronic devices like headsets, body sensors and treadmill. The technology allows users to perceive and interact with the simulated environment as though it were real.

Augmented Reality(AR)Augmented reality is basically technology that overlays digital content over physical real world objects. AR works by adding 2D or 3D layered content on top of real world objects or locations, allowing the user to see additional content.All you need to know about virtual reality and augmented reality application in business.


How does mobile AR work? Can you explain the core components that make it work?

Mobile ARworks by utilising an AR framework that handles placement of a virtual content in the real world and a rendering engine that provides the virtual content. The two is inseparable, and AR as a technology means absolutely nothing without a meaningful content. Mobile AR usually uses visual triggers to start a certain content in relation to that visual: think of a movie poster triggering the trailer of that particular movie.With the introduction of ARKit for iOS devices and ARCore for supported Android devices visual tracking mixed with sensor data is also a very important and new way of locking AR content to the real world. 

Is the technology behind large screens and mobile AR different?

Yes. Our BroadcastAR product was launched way before it was feasible to create high quality AR experiences on mobile - due to a not-so-reliable tracking and low hardware specs in mobile devices. It does not include visual tracking, but it simply doesn’t need to. Without any special device or a distracting technology between the viewer and the virtual characters, people in front of the large screen can experience AR as freely as possible.

 How long has INDE been creating AR?

We’ve been working with AR since 2010, back when it meant placing a cube on a black square marker, and even that resulted in a “woah, that’s magic” reaction. AR has been the center of our work ever since and we experienced the worst and the best of this world over the years. How much we’re excited and passionate about AR is hard to express.

What type of professionals are needed to create an AR app?

That is entirely dependent on what kind of virtual content will be shown to the viewer and what the functionality of the app will be. AR technology itself means nothing without meaningful and high quality content just as Photoshop itself isn’t valuable unless you use it to create a digital painting or touch up a photo.

This AR content can be 3D, but it can also be an intuitive user interface, a useful, spatially placed in-context information, and so on.

So it’s really hard to answer this question. You definitely need a good UX designer since it’s safe to say that AR requires a new approach to how users interact and consume content. You need a very good content team that creates high quality content and a very good engineer team who can program the content to do what it needs to do and appear where it needs to appear.

Can we use Augmented Reality to better understand the structure and function of the novel Coronavirus?

Sure. You will need 3d object of Coronavirus and then some knowledge of Augmented reality SDK to accomplish your task.  

Is using "Augmented Reality" instead of "Pictures" a valid research method in order to evaluate Visual Preferences?

Some research articles from physics education reported that AR helped students connect visual learning information with physical objects . It is advisable to combine AR with other research methods in order to test its efficiency.

 How often do augmented reality (AR) tools need to be calibrated?

From my experience, when you build applications with Unity3D and Vuforia plugin, calibration is automatic for all mobile devices. 

How can I optimize the size of a glTF file?

glTF is not easy to optimize. However, you can try using ASCII glTF or you can explore glTF files with XCODE (MacOS) or other source code editors in order to see all attributes inside the file and maybe remove/optimize some features.
Hope it helped.