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Cost to Develop an Augmented Realty (AR) App


The entire AR application development measure comprises of three primary stages that include:

  • Plan
  • Coding
  • Testing

The expense of building an increased reality application development relies upon the experience of the AR mobile app development company you consider recruiting and the venture scope. The cost likewise relies upon the area that is picked to build up your group. Application development rates differ from one country to another.

Notwithstanding, underneath, you will discover increased reality development rates in different nations, and you will actually want to assess the surmised cost dependent on time estimates and nearby rates.


As indicated by the last exploration, normal iOS application engineer hourly rates by locale are:

  • North America: from $150 each hour;
  • South America: from $43 each hour;
  • Joined Kingdom: from $70 each hour;
  • Eastern Europe: from $35 each hour;
  • India: from $30 each hour;
  • Australia: from $110 each hour.

Application plan

Configuration assumes a critical part in an AR application's prosperity. Clients first estimate the illustrations and afterward usefulness: how nitty gritty and reasonable furniture 3D pictures are matters a ton from the client's viewpoint. The plan for an increased reality application, like IKEA Place, can require around 3-5 weeks.

Hence you will require from 120 to 200 hours to make a plan for your expanded reality furniture application.

  • Time required: 120-200 hours.
  • AR application configuration cost: $18,000-$30,000.


The development interaction is obviously the main phase of the venture.

To make an expanded reality mobile application like IKEA Place, engineers would have to utilize Google Tango for Android and ARKit for iOS.

Each extra element adds time to your timetable and, therefore, your costs increment. IKEA Place doesn't empower clients to make buys in the application which fundamentally lessens the assignment.

Application development cost: $36,000-$72,000.


Finding and killing bugs is the briefest stage contrasted with the plan and coding itself.

Notwithstanding, it doesn't make this stage the most un-significant. Testing an application like IKEA Place can require fourteen days by and large. Considering that a normal application designer's hourly rate in North America is $150, you should spend about $12,000 on testing your increased reality application.

All out time required: 80 hours.

Application development cost: $12,000.


Requirement Gathering?

Your requirement documentation should include as many details as possible. Try to provide developers with all details about your product vision, its high-level features, any external dependencies. It’s also good to provide some photos, sketches or wireframes to illustrate their own requirements.

Features Of AR Application Development

  • Log-in
  • Payment Integration
  • Support of Several Languages
  • Analytics Tools
  • Chats or Forums
  • Backend Integration

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Estimation Of The AR Application Development Cost:

This phase includes writing the development of code architecture and creating an application design. Both processes are closely related and interdependent on each other. So the main parts of each of them are:


  • Design Architecture
  • 3rd Party APIs Integration
  • Setup and Basic Controls
  • Data Storage
  • Encryption/DescriptionScalability

The average time is 400-800 hours based on project complexity. So if the company charges you $20 per hour then it may cost you $8000-$16000.


  • Mockup Creation
  • 3D Graphics Models
  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Animations


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