You can develop a very basic to highly functional and complex AR app depending on your requirement. If you don't have any experience in app development, it's better to consult an Augmented Reality App Development company or a professional AR app developer.

Or, if you want to do it yourself, follow these steps:

Install Unity and Android Studio

First of all, download and install Unity which is available free at Store - Unity Store

. There are loads of menus that are available and so you are left with little coding. In case of any issue, you can go ahead and look it up in Google search.

Then, install the most recent SDK of Android Studio at


You need to specify the path of the installed Android SDK in unity. Now you can start AR app development.

Create a Marker based AR app

Now create a marker based AR App in which digital content will float on top of an image when you point your phone at that image using Vuforia:

• Upload an image to Vuforia that will develop the image with tracking points.

• Use this image in Unity as a marker

• Build AR content on top of this marker

• Load the app to your phone and enjoy.

These are the basic steps. You can learn more from videos and tutorials available on internet.

Build Markerless App

You can build a Markerless AR app with ARCore. In this development process, your smartphone cameras will work as AR camera. You just need to find out a flat surface to initiate the AR experience. You don’t need to go in detail as to how ARCore works to develop an AR app.

You can get help to learn deeply about AR app development. Here are few tips:

• Use Stack Overflow to deal with the issues that you get in this process.

• YouTube is a great helping hand where you can find thousands of videos and tutorials for app development.

The concept of augmented reality goes beyond holding your smartphone screen in front of you to get the details superimposed on the landscape. These steps cannot help you to develop a highly complex app. To develop an AR app you have to get a piece of detailed knowledge about AR tools, platforms, types, programming languages, etc. Whether you want to develop markerless or marker based AR app or whether you want to use ARCore or ARKit, there are so many terms you need to know and understand.