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 More than 800,000 developers have chosen the advanced computer vision, robust performance, and cross-platform reach of Vuforia Engine, making it the most popular augmented reality software on the planet.  


Vuforia Engine: Market-leading augmented reality

Vuforia Engine offers the advanced technology needed for companies to differentiate the way they sell and market. Build engaging 3D product demonstrations, interactive brand campaigns, or create applications for customers to view and personalize products in their own homes. Augmented reality connects people to products through experiences that drive revenue and brand recognition.



Enable robust and precise AR experiences in a variety of environments with Vuforia Engine’s leading computer vision technology. 



Create branded AR experiences for new or existing applications both natively and on leading development platforms.



Reach the largest possible audience with the widest range of supported AR devices, phones, and tablets across IOS, Android, and Windows 10. 



Harness dynamic recognition that can target images, 3D objects, and environments to provide development flexibility.


Innovate your sales and marketing with augmented reality

Sales and marketing are proving to be winning AR strategies for industrial companies. Ventana Research explores AR sales and marketing use cases—and their benefits. 


 AR has become a game-changer for marketing and selling consumer goods and industrial products, with companies seeing rapid returns on these AR investments.

Senior analysts at Ventana Research have investigated this emergence of AR for industrial sales use cases. Get your copy to learn:

  • Current market pressures behind innovations like AR.
  • Why industrial markets are so well suited for AR.
  • Common applications of AR throughout a buying journey.
  • How AR applications are improving the sales process.

If you’re interested in AR’s potential for your organization, this report provides specific and tangible guidance, based on real-world success.

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