1. This game launched augmented reality (AR) into the spotlight in recent years...

🔻 Super Mario

🔻 Pokemon

🔻 World of Warcraft

🔻 Fortnite

Answer :- Pokemon

2. Augmented reality (AR) provides features that are...

🔻 Visual, interactive, and 3D

🔻 Collaborative, virtual, and simulated

🔻 Computer-generated, sensory, and virtual

🔻 Sounds, sensory, and cost-efficient

Answer :- Visual, interactive, and 3D

3. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are the same?

🔻 True

🔻 False

Answer :- False

4. Which definition best fits "Augmented Reality"?

🔻 Technology that turns physical objects into digital objects

🔻 Technology that overlays digital information on top of real world items

🔻 Technology that puts users in a new digital environment

🔻 Technology that can achieve a human-level understanding of images

Answer :- Technology that overlays digital information on top of real world items

5. AR technology allows students to interact with the physical world by ________. 

🔻 Moving around to change perspectives

🔻 Moving closer/further to change scale

🔻 Select virtual objects by pointing to them

🔻 All of the above

Answer :-   All of the above 

6. What group was one of the first to start using Augmented Reality?

🔻 Doctors

🔻 The Military

🔻 Businessmen

🔻 Engineers

Answer :- The Military

7. How is augmented reality used in watching a football game?

🔻 The scoreboard

🔻 Replays

🔻 Yellow 1st Down Marker

🔻 For the coaches to communicate

Answer :-  Yellow 1st Down Marker

8. What is the main way we interact with technology currently?

🔻 A Keyboard

🔻 Voice

🔻 Eyes

🔻 Thoughts

Answer :-  A Keyboard

9. How will we interact with technology in the future?

🔻 A Keyboard

🔻 Voice

🔻 Eyes

🔻 Thoughts

Answer :-  Thoughts

10. How do most people use AR currently?

🔻 Their computers

🔻 Their phones

🔻 Their TV’s

🔻 AR Goggles

Answer :-  Their phones